Specify With Care® Affiliates

DIFFA  is most grateful to its Specify With Care® Affiliates, whose generosity ensures that the foundation has the resources it needs to support the HIV/AIDS organizations it serves year-round.




Any time their innovative LIVEN Laundry Sinkis specified, BLANCO will support DIFFA’s work with a donation.

BLANCO LIVEN™ is the perfect sink for a design-inspired laundry room crafted from BLANCO’s patented SILGRANIT® material, which combines on-trend color selection with extreme durability. LIVEN comes in 8 SILGRANIT® colors with a deep, functional 12″ bowl that’s perfect for soaking. The space-saving basket, designed to fit on top of the sink, makes any dirty job a breeze.

To learn more about the BLANCO’s LIVEN™ Laundry Sinkclick here.




EGE® will donate 1% on ALL sales of its products in the United States and 1% on Worldwide (Non-USA) sales of EGE Couture collections to DIFFA whenever its lines are specified.

EGE® is a world of textile flooring, where fashion, interior design, and architecture are fused into an exciting flooring collection. As a trendsetting design company, EGE® doesn’t follow fashion, they create it. They put their heart and soul into each collection and take pride in their “lush minimal” design identity.

For more information on EGE® products, click here.



LeeJofa R 7519

Lee Jofa will donate a portion of the proceeds from the Groundworks Mary Fisher collection to DIFFA.

Drawing inspiration from her talent as a visual artist and her activism on behalf of those infected with HIV/AIDS, Mary Fisher has created an exceptional collection of printed, woven and embroidered fabrics and trimmings for Groundworks at Lee Jofa that reflect her stunning mixed media art.

To learn more about the Mary Fisher Groundworks Collection for Lee Jofa, click here.




Maya Romanoff, together with David Rockwell and Roger Thomas, will donate a portion of sales from their David Rockwell and Roger Thomas Collections to DIFFA.

Maya Romanoff is the largest manufacturer of hand-crafted wallcoverings in the United States. For 45 years artisans have incorporated paper, glass beads, gold leaf, seashells, and wood right in their Chicago studio. Whether hand-made or a Type II 54″ vinyl, every product meets Maya’s standard for quality, beauty, and innovation.

To learn more about Maya Romanoff, click here.


Obeetee will donate 10% of the proceeds of their new “DIFFA Collection” to DIFFA.

The DIFFA Collection is made up designs created by 17 of the most talented designers.  Each rug is made to order and the colors can be customized with our “Obeetee Express” color bank.  The designs are hand-tufted with New Zealand wool.  The launch of the collection is scheduled for October 2017.  To learn more about Obeetee, click here.







A percentage of sales from hardwood veneers, high-pressure laminates, laminated glass, and acrylic couture benefits DIFFA.

The Scott Brogan Group is a leading consultant to the architectural and design markets. It provides a single source to manage project needs, from the review of initial plans to the procurement of raw materials to the manufacture of value-added and/or finished product.

To learn more about Scott Brogan Group, click here.



Through DIFFA’s Specify With Care® program, Wolf-Gordon has distinguished itself as DIFFA’s single largest contributor. This year marks Wolf-Gordon’s fiftieth year offering designers a comprehensive source for wallcoverings, upholstery and drapery textiles, high-performing paints, and Wink clear dry-erase coating.

To learn more about specifying Wolf-Gordon’s products, click here.