DIFFA’s Grant Making

DIFFA has granted more than $42 million to support nonprofit organizations across the country combating HIV/AIDS.


 See below to download our 2017 RFP!

DIFFA’s grant making tradition has been to support start up or emerging programs and ideas that reflect a unique or innovative approach to the HIV/AIDS epidemic; projects which incorporate strategic collaboration between agencies or efforts that use proven techniques to prevent infection and provide care. Due to DIFFA’s structure, we are able to grant in targeted areas through local chapters as well as nationally.

The Foundation issues grants annually, although we can and do respond to emergency requests. DIFFA grants to hundreds of organizations across the U.S., including recent grantees such as Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Alpha Workshops, God’s Love We Deliver, Jerusalem House and Bailey House, among dozens of others.

DIFFA National RFP 2017

DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA National) is proud to release our 2017 request for grant proposals to organizations working on direct care, education, prevention and public policy in the fight against HIV/AIDS

This RFP is open to organizations in the New York City metropolitan area, groups located in regions where DIFFA does not have local chapters or partners, and organizations with a national scope that are focused on any of the following areas:

  • providing direct care services and medical treatment for people living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS (including medical case management; provider/patient treatment information; and HIV/AIDS-related social services such as housing, employment, food/nutrition, legal services, etc.);
  • offering preventative education programs and services targeted to populations at risk of infection (including testing and harm reduction services);
  • or supporting public policy initiatives.

All responses with required information are due no later than September 19, 2017.  If you wish to submit an brief LOI to determine eligibility, kindly submit electronically per the instructions in the RFP.  LOIs will be reviewed on a rolling basis but no extensions will be granted to complete the RFP.
Download the Cover sheet
Download the RFP