Blog Post: Top Ten Reasons to Picnic in a NYC Park Before Summer Ends:

DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS

Spend the last few weeks of summer enjoying the weather and the great outdoors by gathering friends and loved ones for a picnic! Not really a fan? Katherine DeMercurio shares 10 reasons why you should grab a blanket and some refreshments and host a picnic at your local park.

1. People Watching– If you live in NYC, people watching is an irresistible free activity and it’s especially fun in any of our city parks. Whether you are looking to meet new friends or just enjoying tourist season, take some time to check out what your fellow park-goers are up to.

2. Puppies – Chances are, if you don’t have one, you love seeing them and saying hello. If you do have one, you love all the attention they receive at the park. Take your pup out for a picnic to introduce him to new friends, or make some furry new friends of your own!

3. It’s Your Backyard– Since the majority of us don’t have a yard, we come together to enjoy all the fabulous parks around the city with a little more space to sprawl.

4. Sunshine and fresh air– A picnic in the park is a surefire way to gain access to warm rays and air that is somewhat fresher than the warm trash soaked cement near your apartment or office.

5. Exposure to Nature – Nature inspires each of us in different ways; it may bring back nostalgic feelings of running through the grass barefoot as a kid or you may find yourself sketching flowers or painting a romantic scene near a body of water. However it inspires you, it’s worth taking the time to get outside and soak it all in.

6. Fabulous Art – NYC parks are full of sculptures, fountains, and curated landscapes. Bring your camera and appreciate things you may have overlooked in previous visits.

7. Grab a bite to eat-From food trucks to your local restaurant, this is a great time to step out of your kitchen and dine in the park with friends.

8. Exercise Galore – From biking to running, frisbee to softball, volleyball to basketball, pairing your summer picnic with a little physical activity gives you a chance to break a sweat.

9. Downtime – Let’s face it. New Yorkers never really have enough time to relax, but it’s something a lot of us are working on. A summer picnic is a great opportunity to catch a breeze, and enjoy a refreshing drink in the summer sun.

10. Get ready for DIFFA’s Picnic By Design Event September 6th – For those looking for some picnic inspiration, join us at DIFFA’s annual Picnic By Design! This is a great opportunity to contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS, while having a cocktail with other cool New Yorkers and design industry experts! Enjoy Instagram-worthy views of NYC and place your bid to snag a designer basket to use at your next picnic! Tickets available at


But if you just can’t wait until September 6th, feel free to get a couple picnics in early and remember to #ShowUsYourPicnic of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See you in the park!

Katherine DeMercurio, Leader of ThinkHg80 – a strategic marketing communications consultancy based in Brooklyn, NY. Katherine is an artist at heart and design enthusiast. ThinkHg80 was created to support marketing and communications to strategically enhance their client’s brand. Their roots stem from the interior design and architectural community, where Katherine has invested passion over the last decade of her career.